Metro-area foster children need orthodontic care

– Lorraine Weber, FTSG Executive Director

When Kelly Ann Ramsey and I began For The Seventh Generation we shared a dream that metro Detroit’s foster children should have the same kinds of “extras” that other children have – the kinds of things that help a child not just to survive, but to thrive.

We started out by soliciting orthodontic care for a foster child with a truly compelling story. Her name is Jasmine, and you can see the amazing results in this short video featuring former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer.

Unlike other medical treatments, Medicaid doesn’t fund orthodontic care for foster children! Anyone who has needed braces – or had a child in need of braces – knows that orthodontic care isn’t a luxury. Proper tooth alignment is necessary to be able to eat properly, and having a “normal” smile is an essential  component of self-esteem for children and adults alike. Yet, too many of the children in the care are of the state are not receiving this important help.

At For The Seventh Generation, we currently we have sixteen outstanding requests for metro area foster children who in need orthodontic care, and finding care for these kids is one of our biggest challenges.  This isn’t a challenge we can meet alone – we need your help.

What can you do?

Tell your dentist (some dentists practice orthodontics) and/or orthodontist about For The Seventh Generation and our work on behalf of foster children. Remember – we ask only for service for one child over the course of one year.

Like us on your Facebook page – our Facebook page is here  – and tell all your friends about the work we’re doing to find orthodontists to service our area’s foster children.

Make a monetary donation here. We currently can’t afford a full-time or FTE staff person to contact orthodontists one-on-one, but one of our dreams is to be able to do more outreach – not just to orthodontists, but to everyone who might be interested in serving “our” kids.

Remember, the work we do now, the help we give now, doesn’t just affect the foster children we’re serving today. It affects the entire community when “our” kids grow up to become successful, productive adults – and the ripples of this positive growth are felt down through the seventh generation.


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