7th Annual We Care Foster Care Holiday Celebration – Tuesday, December 10, 2019 5:30 – 7:30 pm! Give the Gift of Caring This Christmas!



It is sad to say, but Michigan’s foster care system only provides “our” children in care with the bare necessities they need to survive.  That list of necessities does not include Christmas.  That’s why, since 2012, For The Seventh Generation has created a special event just for Wayne county foster children.

We call it the We Care Foster Care Holiday Celebration.  Last year, more than 140 foster children and their foster parents enjoyed lots of holiday-themed arts and crafts, refreshments and a fun time with other kids just like them.  Even better, each child was able to choose a brand new gift for someone special to them-and each foster parent or worker who attended chose a new gift for the children in their care.  In too many cases, the We Care Foster Care Holiday Celebration was the first and only chance these children had to give and receive a gift at Christmas.

Our foster children deserve to have Christmas in 2019, and we are asking for your support in making that happen.  Listed below are a number of ways you and your business can bring Christmas joy to these foster care children. In return, we will make sure you receive the public recognition your generosity deserves through our social media channels, press releases and signage at the event itself.

Our children in foster care deserve more the just survival.  They deserve to thrive.  Once again, your support of the 2019 We Care Foster Care Holiday Celebration will bring Christmas joy to over 100 foster children and their families.

2019 Holiday Celebration Donation

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