474 Detroit-Area Foster Teens, Children, and Families Served in the 1st Half of 2014!

During our 2014 In Seventh Heaven gala, FTSG Executive Director Lorraine Weber vowed that our organization would double last year’s performance and serve 1,000 Detroit-area foster children, families, and teens in and aging out of the foster care system in 2014.

Elyse H. (shown w/Shirley Roseman) bought brand new cribs and beds for foster children!

Thanks to YOU, we’re practically halfway there!

In first half of this year, YOU provided the goods, services, and financial support for 474 of “our” foster kids and families:

Rennee looks fabulous in her new prom dress!
Renee looks fabulous in her new prom dress!
  • 44 served through our website;
  • 6 received late gifts from our 2013 Holiday Bazaar;
  • 34 visits to our Help Closet;
  • 75 young people received new coats thanks to the Rotary clubs of Grosse Pointe and Detroit’s joint effort, Operation Warm;
  • 143 foster teens received dresses, tux rentals, or other services during this year’s Prom Palooza; and
  • At least 172 foster children and teens received books, games, and movies during the Busy Bee Book Fair!

You have donated clothing, home repairs, cribs, beds, new glasses, music lessons, orthodontic care … the list goes on.

Thomas loves his new glasses -- thanks to Optical World of Detroit!
Thomas loves his new glasses — thanks to Optical World of Detroit!

And rest assured, you HAVE made a significant difference in the life of one foster child (or many foster children) … a difference that will be felt through the seventh generation.

Many Thanks to Many People, Companies for Helping “Our” Foster Kids & Families

Many, many individuals and companies deserve our thanks for being so generous to “our” foster children and families. A very partial list includes Kathy M., Elyse H., the Detroit Optometric Society and Optical World of Detroit, Sara Richards, Shawn Franklin, St. James Church of Grosse Pointe Farms, the Detroit and Grosse Pointe Rotary Clubs, the Detroit Rotary Foundation, and, of course, all of the generous sponsors of our April In Seventh Heaven event.

Our Busy Bee Book Fair offered books, games, and movies
Our Busy Bee Book Fair offered books, games, and movies

Looking Ahead — Serving “Our” Foster Children & Families for the Rest of 2014

During the next half of this year, we’ll provide you with chances to serve our area’s foster children, teens, and families with a Christmas in July preparation for – you guessed it – our annual December Holiday Bazaar for Foster Children; the annual school clothing and uniform drive; and the Holiday Bazaar itself, along with passing along the special requests we receive through our Facebook page and new e-newsletter.

But you don’t have to wait to be asked! Making a huge difference in the life of a metro Detroit area foster child, family, or teen is just a click away: register the good or service you want to donate here.

And/or if you want to support our overall efforts – getting out the word so people know what “our” kids need, matching donors to recipients, staffing the Help Closet – make a financial contribution today.


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