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Foster children in the Detroit metropolitan area are benefitting from the For The Seventh Generation program that matches contributors with the individual needs of children and teens in state care.



 Foster kids in Detroit are helped by your donation
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For the Seventh Generation Wish List Ideas!

Click here for a list of currently open requests

On this page you will find existing requests for needed services or goods that have been identified for children and families in Metropolitan Detroit wardship.  If you don’t see anything that you can provide – don’t worry.  Here are some examples of  ideas for needed donations that will make a difference in the life of a child in court wardship. Let us know what you would like to contribute and we will find a child that can benefit from your generosity.

  • A concerned dentist or doctor agree to provide free needed medical or dental care for one child for one year.
  • A psychologist, interested in preserving families, provides pro bono services for a child or family for one year.
  • Experts in the performing arts give free lessons to a child who has dreams of becoming an actor, musician, or dancer, .
  • Provide free event tickets to provide incentives for positive growth and accomplishments.
  • Bowling alleys, fitness facilities and restaurants sponsor special events for deserving
    children to celebrate their special occasions.
  • Businesses provide needed items to repair damaged homes, support educational
    goals or make a child’s dream come true.
  • Individuals volunteer to mentor a child, coach a team, help someone learn to read,
    teach a child to draw or provide music lessons.
  • Help a child become computer literate and advance their appreciation and skill in the areas of technology.  

Remember, “For the Seventh Generation” wants to give every child the chance to experience the fullness of life so that they can thrive not just survive.  Thanks for helping us answer each child’s wish.

Click here for a list of currently open requests


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