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Foster children in the Detroit metropolitan area are benefitting from the For The Seventh Generation program that matches contributors with the individual needs of children and teens in state care.

 Foster kids in Detroit are helped by your donation
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How Our Program Works
     one child, one gift, one year

For The Seventh Generation serves as a “clearing house” to match those willing to
volunteer time, talents, services or merchandise to Metropolitan Detroit's foster children in
need of support.

First, juvenile justice professionals identify foster children in need of goods or services
that are not currently being provided by available resources.

Then, For The Seventh Generation utilizes community and professional contacts to
identify individuals and organizations that are willing and able to donate needed goods
or services. We seek and obtain commitments from volunteers and businesses specifically
related to the special needs of those foster children and their families.

Next, we connect the foster child in need to the donation by working directly with the
worker assigned to the case and following up to ensure that the exchange is completed
in an efficient and timely manner.


Here are a few examples of the kinds of goods and
services that can make a huge difference in the life of 
Metropolitan Detroit's foster children:

For The Seventh Generation, P.O. Box 1739, Taylor, MI 48180 | Phone: (313) 436-5069 | Email: