Getting the Goods for Metro Detroit’s Foster Children – Help Closet Coordinator Shirley Roseman

Shirley Roseman shows off some of our Help Closet items to vounteer Deb Fedon-Keyt

Shirley (right) shows volunteer Deb Fedon-Keyt around the Help Closet

“Lorraine Weber and Kelly Ramsey’s mission to meet the needs of our area’s foster children tugged at my heart,” says For The Seventh Generation Help Closet Coordinator and all-round Angel of Making Things Happen Shirley Roseman. “I have a heart for children, especially children in need, and working with this organization is right down my alley with the new career I’m pursuing in non-profit administration and management.”

In addition to managing the Help Closet, Shirley also plays a key role matching donors who have signed up with the FTSG database with the requests we’ve received from metro-Detroit area foster care workers.

“One of the things I try to do is make a match with the goods and services that are donated,” she explains. “First, foster care workers or “referrers” create an online account to let us know what they need for the children they’re working with. Then I look at our database of donors who have or are able to donate those items or services to let them know we have a foster child in need. After I check to make sure the donor is still available and willing, I give the referrer a call and let them know we have a match for them. I’m also available to help with any questions or issues that might arise during the donation process.”

Since she came on board, Shirley has also been going above and beyond when it comes to reaching out to potential donors of everything from beds and bedding to Karate lessons.

“I was expecting that our foster children would need clothing and outerwear, but I never thought that there would be such a shortage of beds!,” she says. “We currently have quite a few requests for beds and cribs – many times when I talk with workers I hear that the children they’re serving don’t have adequate sleeping arrangements. One of my quests is to find a company or manufacturer that would partner with us to take their discontinued or returned items,” so that our area’s foster children can benefit from a good night’s sleep every night.

As for the Karate lessons, Shirley called around and found a dojo owner to fill an older request. “We were able to generate a new service – I want foster workers to know they can ask for all sorts of goods and services and we will do our best fill those needs.”

Shirley also reports that she’s in the process of matching an orthodontist who has volunteered to provide two foster children with urgently-needed orthodontic care – another ongoing need because Medicaid doesn’t pick up the cost of such services for children and young adults in the foster care system.

Before Shirley joined us, she spent the majority of her career as a salesperson in real estate.  In her spare time, she gave a significant amount of hours volunteering for non-profit organizations and community events around the Detroit Metropolitan area and still remains active today. “Non profit work is my true passion,” she says.

Can you help metro Detroit’s foster children with a donation of (new or nearly-new) goods or services? Just click here to learn about donation and/or volunteering options, or contact Shirley Roseman at for more information.

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