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For The seventh Generation

Michigan's foster care system can provide only the basics,
but children who have suffered from neglect or abuse need so much more.
For The Seventh Generation makes the difference between helping foster children survive and
helping them thrive.

Changing Lives at a time

You can't help all of Metropolitan Detroit's foster children – but you don't need to. Just like the child who threw starfish into the sea, you can make a huge difference to our entire community by supporting just one child...

For The Seventh Generation is a program that makes it possible for you to make a huge difference in the life of a single foster child.

One child needs orthodontic care. Another dreams of taking music lessons. Yet another needs a pair of glasses, or a prom dress, or would be thrilled by the chance to see Justin Verlander at the plate. When you give of your talent and/or treasure through FTSG, your support of a foster child changes the life of that child...and that child's eventual children...down through the seventh generation.

Ours is a unique program. We don't have an office – what we do have is this web site, where you can click here to begin the short process of volunteering to serve a foster child in need, or here  to browse through our current “wish list” of products and services, or here to make a monetary donation that will be used to support foster children in Metropolitan Detroit.

In Seventh Heaven

FTSG news and events

Spring Forward for Foster Children April 12!

Please join us for this year's In Seventh Heaven at the Roostertail as we raise the funds to serve "our" kids in 2014!  LEARN MORE HERE

Save Money On Your Next Vacation -- AND Support "Our" Kids!

Summer is almost here -- no, really, it's true! And that means it's time to plan your next vacation. Thanks to Winspire, FTSG is able to offer three travel packages that will save you up to 50% AND provide "our" kids with up to $2,000! MORE DETAILS

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